On Tuesday, CDAS Allstars from 5DC (finalists for Apps for Good 2019) went to London to pitch their ideas to the dragons who were technology business experts.

First, we went to Lego’s offices and took part in a six brick memory challenge remembering the order we put the bricks in, building with our eyes closed! After that, we had a tour of the offices and were shown what to consider when building and developing a website. Next, we were set a challenge of building a Lego car that we then tested to see how far it could go.

After that, we went on the underground to the Skills Matters building where the actual Apps for Good Awards was held. There we pitched our idea, ‘Worry No More’, to the dragons and answered their questions about how our app could emotionally support children with parents who have a cancer diagnosis… the dragons seemed to be impressed by our idea! After that, we went to the Market Place and pitched our ideas to other business people. Finally, it was the award ceremony and the winner of Digital Explorers category went to…Worry No More – our Westfields Junior School entry! What a fantastic day out, with a trophy and title to return with!     

CDAS Allstars

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