Today 4RP’s class assembly included a very special guest… Bear Grylls, who attended to ask for help for his brand new T.V show from Source to Mouth. During the performance we were transported on a very special journey down the River Severn with a special team of experts and, of course, the rest of 4RP! This began at the source (not the ketchup kind!) of the river and gradually guided us to the mouth flowing into the Bristol Channel. 4RP expertly managed to include much of the knowledge they have learnt including geographical vocabulary such as confluence and meanders! Finally the assembly concluded with a rendition of ‘Hold Back the River’ with the lyrics especially adapted for the occasion!

Well done to all of 4RP who showed confidence with their lines as well as their commitment to learning some very technical vocabulary and concepts! You should certainly be very proud of your performance! Also thank you to the staff team for their encouragement and hard work to ensure that the performance (and lyric writing) was a success!

To view additional photographs and video clips of the class assembly, please visit the Year 4 page.

Miss Porter, Class Teacher