On Wednesday, Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous WWII Creative Day. Everyone dressed up as a person from WWII, including: evacuees, land girls, soldiers, medics and many more! The first activity was learning all about code breaking. The children learnt all about Bletchley Park, code breaking and how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages. They then created ciphers to write their own coded messages. After that, the children had an opportunity to learn a 1940’s style dance and learnt how it lifted the morale when times were tough in Britain during WWII. Next, we recreated what an air raid might have felt like. We made our own informative videos on iMovie about how to keep safe in an air raid.
Finally, in the afternoon, we had a tea dance where we showcased our brilliant dance moves that we had learnt earlier in the day. Overall, it was a truly spiffing day learning all about what life would have been like in WWII!