On Wednesday Year 5 embarked on a mission to Space by visiting the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. After a very exciting double-decker coach journey, we arrived to explore the hands-on exhibits linked to our learning in Science around themes of sound, electricity and health before venturing downstairs to explore the space section that had an astronaut’s suit, giant planet and
spaceship simulator!
Next up was a workshop about the James Webb telescope where we learnt about the electro-magnetic spectrum of light and how the telescope used infra-red to detect faint stars and objects. During the workshop, we investigated which material would best protect the telescope and used lasers and mirrors to light up rockets. The final activity was the planetarium where we gasped in
awe and wonder at the amazing constellations seen from Earth before flying through Space to visit the planets in our Solar System. It was an amazing day of super Space learning.
Mr Chaplin Year 5 Team Leader