This was certainly an exciting match to watch (and play!) with a fast pace and lots of opportunities for goals in the first half! Finlay’s corner took a deflection which led to our first goal. It was a close, tight match and then I took a shot from outside the box which hit the cross bar.  Frogmore came back and the score was 1-1 at half time. During this time, there was a good pep talk from Mr Frame during which he highlighted our areas for improvement and encouraged us to do our best. We started strong in the second half with lots of pressing but Frogmore went ahead 2–1. Preston scored our second goal bringing the score back to 2-2. The defence had their work cut out and unfortunately we gave away a penalty. Angus dived the correct way but their shot went wide of the right post. Our Westfields tenacity shone through.  We had some great lobs from Angus giving Aiden some chances to chase but it was Charlie that scored our third goal in the last few minutes. With our good marking we ended the match with an amazing 3-2 win for our first game. Not only did the players gain their first experience playing for the school but Mr Frame successfully refereed his first match too! Congratulations to one and all!                                                   

Henry Ogborne, 6LL