This term 5DT have been busy investigating the depths of space and becoming expert scientists when talking about the Solar System so the theme for our class assembly was an obvious one!
If you thought Kanye West was good at rapping then you certainly haven’t seen 5DT’s Planet Rap, which had even the least groovy teachers dancing along! 5DT’s class assembly which took the audience on a whistle-stop tour of the children’s scientific learning this term let the audience sit back, relax and watch a range of TV shows to illustrate the breadth of learning. Programmes included an extreme, intergalactic weather report, a dramatic Dragons’ Den pitch and an exciting visit and performance by the one and only Elton John! The children all excelled in learning some challenging lines and song words, they used engaging expression and showed impressive confidence to perform. Well done to everyone in 5DT, you all should be so proud of what you achieved; your parents and the staff at Westfields Junior School definitely are!

Miss Taylor, Class Teacher

Additional photographs and video clips can be found in the gallery on the Year 5 page.