During Anti-Bullying Week, we have been focusing on how we can make positive changes by making small, simple changes; we can continue to create a safe environment for everyone at Westfields Junior School. Each class has taken part in a range of activities to explore how ‘Change starts with us!’ these include: Year 3 using their artistic skills to design an exploring origami book to show how small actions and kind words can make a big difference to bullying. Linked to their Science learning, Year 4 have enjoyed finding out about symbiotic relationships in the natural world – how plants and animals work together to help each other to survive, e.g. clownfish and sea anemones; crocodiles and plover birds. Year 5 have learnt all about an inspirational man called Afroz Shah, who is a man with a mission to clean up his favourite childhood beach in Mumbai, which was covered in thousands of tonnes of plastic; showing how one person can make a huge difference. Whilst Year 6 have designed a brand new anti-bullying themed game to be played at lunchtime! They have written instructions and created a folder of games that will be shared with the whole school!

Each class will tweet about anti-bullying so please look out for these on the school feed. I think you will be impressed with their imagination and creativity.                          

Mrs Courtney, PSHE Coordinator